Daisy Craddock – Leaving a Legacy

In the 1970s when Daisy Craddock worked at Battelle, she loved her administrative duties as much as her husband Lenard did his technical work at Westinghouse.  Living frugally, they accumulated a fair amount of assets that would eventually benefit the Tri-Cities.


Daisy wanted to be able to leave her estate to a number of organizations that had touched her life. But she wasn’t sure how to make that happen. The 3 Rivers Community Foundation caught her attention. 3RCF has the ability as a nonprofit to be that one recipient that can then disburse to many other nonprofits. The Foundation was created to help with situations like Daisy’s—people wanting an entity in the community where people could leave their money and trust that their intentions would be honored.


With one gift to 3RCF, Daisy was able to outline her wishes. Her charities of choice included Safe Harbor, Columbia Basin Dive Rescue, Chaplaincy Health Care, Children’s Developmental Center, Benton City Branch of the Mid-Columbia Library, Richland Public Library Foundation, and KTNW Public Television. Without knowing Daisy, it is easy to get a picture of her by the causes she cared about.


In all, Daisy left behind eight permanent endowments.  Her hope was that others could utilize the Foundation like she had.  By setting up endowments, these organizations will have a permanent source of funding, Daisy’s wishes are carried out by an entity that is permanent, and Daisy’s legacy will always be associated with the Tri-City area.