Nonprofit Agency Funds

Nonprofit organizations can establish endowment funds at 3 Rivers Community Foundation. With this type of fund, the nonprofit organization is the designated charitable recipient for distributions from the fund. Establishing an endowment fund is a simple and efficient way to build and secure funds for the future. A Nonprofit Agency Endowment Fund offers the advantage of protecting the nonprofit organization’s endowment funds to meet its future needs, increasing investment yield by pooling assets with 3RCF’s other funds, and reducing administrative costs and burdens on the nonprofit organization’s staff. Although an endowment fund is established by the nonprofit organization, donations by individuals and other organizations to these funds are welcome. If the designated organization ceases to exist, or loses its tax-exempt status, grants from the fund will be redirected to support a nonprofit organization with a similar mission. In recognition of the value of our nonprofit community, 3RCF offers reduced fees and minimum balances for Nonprofit Agency Endowment Funds. Contact us to learn more.

These organizations have established Nonprofit Agency Endowments with 3RCF.